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Freezer Cooking News from Nanci

nanciwebI don’t know about you but February can be a tough month to get through here in Indiana . Spring is a long way off and we are growing tired of winter. The only major “holiday” is Valentine’s Day which often falls during the work week making it hard to do any real celebrating. One family tradition that we Slagle girls always look forward is our valentine flowers. My husband, Bob, always buys a dozen roses and divides them among his four girls (Not evenly I might add. I get 6 and the daughters each get 2J).  He also takes the time to pick out a special card for each of us. We often leave them on display for a month or more since they seem to brighten everything up.


Make Your Own Instant Oatmeal 
February seems to be a month when we eat a lot of oatmeal. Even though the store brand packets are fairly inexpensive they still come out to .25 per packet. Bob eats two packets every morning and usually adds more raisins, nuts and/or brown sugar. This month I tried making my own packets. We really like them and they are much less expensive.

Onion Rice 
I have trouble coming up with side dishes. For awhile now, I have given in and bought the various “sides” packets at the grocery store. Not only can they be expensive but the sodium and preservatives also factor in. I decided to begin freezing sides again. We have begun to eat more rice at our house so I tried this VERY easy rice dish. It freezes great – either in a casserole dish, in meal sized freezer bags or in smaller freezer bags for an individual side or snack.

Company and Website News

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Emails from Happy Customers

I have to share a success story with you. After freezer cooking off and on for several years, I finally tried out the trial version of the program last fall. My married daughter (she and her husband both work and attend college full time, and they had been living on fast food and freezer foods from Costco) grudgingly joined me for some cooking days. She hates to cook and told me she really didn’t have time to spend making food to put in the freezer. But I was rather insistent and after all was said and done, she and her husband were delighted to have a freezer full of meals to pop in the oven after a long day working/attending class. We’re planning another session soon. Another convert to freezer cooking!

Thanks for your help.           Shirley J.

Thanks a lot Nanci. I love you guys. I can’t believe how much the quality of my life improves when I stay on top of my cooking. Your web site is awesome and the constant stream of recopies from the newsletters is great.            Margaret P.

Closing Comments

See you next month! Happy cooking!



Nanci Slagle

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