Jan 012006

Freezer Cooking News from Nanci

Happy New Year everyone! 

NancifamilypixMany apologies for not writing you since October. Life swooped in and took over! Once I cast our Christmas musical it seemed like I was living at school until final exams. The play went really well. It was a WWII era show with radio studio excerpts. Great fun! My holiday was also “complicated” by some elective surgery that I had on December 15th. Male readers can skip to the next paragraph:) Ladies – I had breast reduction surgery. Woo hoo! My insurance paid (20 years of headache history) and my recovery has been good.

So now we’re back to school and ready to begin a new semester. Our high school is doing a J-term this year so I have been teaching 2 three hour long classes each day called “Curl Up With a Good Book”. It’s been wonderful! We’ve been drinking lots of hot chocolate and eating our fair share of mini marshmallows.

With all of this reading and sipping, I’ve found that I am not as hungry at lunchtime and I have been craving soup most days. I’m anxious to try the ones that Carol printed last week. Here are a few more to try. Both can be done in the slow cooker. I recommend borrowing an extra slow cooker and doing 4 recipes at once. Eat one on cooking day and freeze the other three.

bratstewcrop2Brat Stew

This recipe came from an online newsletter that I get from allrecipes.com. My husband loves bratwurst but we tend to only eat them in the summer when the grill isn’t covered with snow. This was a great wintertime treat for him. Definitely a keeper!



onionsoupcropFrench Onion Soup

I love ordering this at restaurants but had never tried making it myself. Wow – it’s easy! The hardest part is slicing the onions. Click here to read all kinds of crazy ideas (from wearing swimming goggles to keeping your tongue out the whole time) for dealing with the tears. Serve with a slice of homemade bread or the $1 per loaf French bread from Walmart. Yummy!



Most soup recipes freeze great. Check out the ones on our website.


There are also soup recipes in our cookbooks:

Company and Website News

30 Day Gourmet had a great holiday season. The word seems to be getting out about how great freezer cooking can be. Don’t forget birthdays and “just because” gifts too. Valentine’s Day is coming up! If you’d rather have an apron than a box of chocolates (I know – that’s a tough one) just tell your hubby about our website.

Here’s a quick list of our items:

Emails from Happy Customers

Thanks! I have ordered this for my daughter who is a teacher in Indy. She just discovered 30 day gourmet this summer and loves it! She made up enough meals to last them until fall break then cooked again so she should be good till Christmas!   Anne 

I have been very impressed with your cookbook. It’s so easy and comprehensive. I purchased a different freezer cookbook before yours, and it was clear as mud. I decided to give yours a try after looking at your website. Yours reinforces the notion that I can actually make freezer cooking work. Thanks for providing such good advice and practical knowledge.          Kathleen 

I saw you at the Indiana Home School convention several years ago and bought your cooking manual. I would try out different recipes in it to see what ones my family liked and finally about a year ago I went all the way and freezer cooked 2 months worth of recipes at a time. WOW! We were hooked. What a wonderful feeling to know supper is taken care of. I am going to try to add lunches to our stash this year. 

The extra recipes that we get in the newsletters are also a great hit. I have been dubbed Queen of Desserts with the Oreo Truffle recipe. 🙂  Robin from Marion, Indiana

Closing Comments from Nanci

Enjoy the rest of January! Fill those freezers! You’ll be so glad that you did. I did a mini cooking day for just a few hours last week when I was putting soups in the freezer and ended up with 13 meals – wow!


Nanci Slagle

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