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Freezer Cooking News from Nanci

nanciwebAugust has arrived in Indiana and with it some much needed rain and relief from our soaring temperatures. I spend most of my time indoors so I can’t really complain but my husband works on the tarmac most of the day for FedEx and it has been hot, hot, hot! I almost found myself longing for fall the other day – ha!

When I was a kid, August used to be part of summer but now it is back-to-school month. Jenna starts 7th grade on the 14th. I have a teacher/new families reception on the 15th. Kaytee starts her sophomore year at Ball State on the 15th. Adam starts his sophomore year at Covenant on the 16th (when I start teaching again) and Becky begins as a freshman at Huntington University on the 25th. Yes, it is back-to-school month. One exciting whirlwind of activity!

I am determined to have a big cooking day before school starts. The date is set for Monday the 7th. I will cook alone with help from Becky and Kaytee. Adam will haul groceries and carry foods down to the basement freezer.

Here’s a list of my recipes and the number of each recipe I will be making:
Lazy Day Lasagna (from Freezer Cooking Manual) 3
Meatballs with Sweet & Sour Sauce 2
Meal in One Dish Pork Chops 3
Chicken Divan (from Freezer Cooking Manual) 3
Chicken Cordon Bleu Roll 2
Chicken Pockets (from Freezer Lunches to Go) 2
Easy Chicken Fettuccine 3
Chicken in a Pot 3
Country Chicken Pot Pie (from Freezer Cooking Manual) 3
Cauliflower Fake Potato Casserole (low carb) 2
Low Carb Breakfast Quiche 2
Low Carb Spinach Lasagna 2

That’s 30 entrees. Several of them will be “lunch only” recipes and a few are for my low carb eating.

100_0549Cauliflower Fake Potato Casserole

It’s hard to believe that you could trick your palate into thinking that cauliflower is potatoes but this recipe actually does that! Of course, having the cheddar and cream cheese mixed in there helps a lot. Try it! Even if you are not a low-carb eater it’s a great way to get a veggie like cauliflower into your family’s tummies.



LowCarbBreakfastQuicheLow Carb Breakfast Quiche

The Low Carb Breakfast Quiche is very filling and a great change from my usual low-carb Slimfast or low-carb yogurt. I bake it, cut it into 6 pieces and then freeze it individually in quart sized freezer bags to grab for a quick microwave breakfast or to take to work.



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Email with Question from Happy Customer

QuestionI have just received the Advantage cooking software and am really looking forward to using it.  I am a computer nut and don’t like using pen and paper so I think this software is just what I am looking for.  I imported all the “Members” recipes that didn’t come with the software.  That worked very well.

I  also bought two of the e-books some time ago, which didn’t include the .rcp files: The Holiday Freezer Cookbook and Freezer Cooking on a Budget.  I wonder if I can get the .rcp files for them.  I am enclosing my ordering information so that you can see I bought these books.

Thanks for your help.

Answer: Yes, if you purchased ebooks before you bought the software just click here to e-mail the office with your name, your phone number, and the approximate date of your purchase. Once we confirm your purchase, we will e-mail the zip file to you containing the recipes ready for import.

Closing Comments

Enjoy the last few weeks of summer!


Nanci Slagle

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