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Crock Pot Lasagna

I love the way the cheese melts down through the pasta and sticks to it. Yummy!! Great served with a salad and garlic bread.















Rotini pasta

2 lbs.

4 lbs.

6 lbs.

8 lbs.

10 lbs.

12 lbs.

Lean hamburger

1-1/2 lbs.

3 lbs.

4-1/2 lbs.

6 lbs.

7-1/2 lbs.

9 lbs.

Chopped onion

1/2 C.

1 C.

1-1/2 C.

2 C.

2-1/2 C.

3 C.

Spaghetti sauce

6 C.

12 C.

18 C.

24 C.

30 C.

36 C.

American cheese slices







Shredded mozzarella cheese

4 C.

8 C.

12 C.

16 C.

20 C.

24 C.


Assembly Directions:
Boil the rotini for 4 minutes. Drain in a strainer, and run cold water over the pasta to stop the cooking process. Set aside to cool. Meanwhile, add the hamburger and onion to a skillet. Cook until the burger is browned. Drain any grease off. Set aside to cool. Put the pasta in a large bowl. Add the cooked burger and the spaghetti sauce. Stir until well mixed. Keep the cheeses on hand.

Freezing Directions:
Put the cooled mixture in a rigid container or a 2 gallon freezer bag. Seal, label and freeze.

Cooking and Serving Directions:
Thaw pasta mixture in the refrigerator for 24 hours. Spray the crock pot with cooking spray. Put a third of the pasta mixture in the crock pot. Put a third of the cheese slices on top of the pasta, covering it. Put a third of the mozzarella on top of the cheese slices. Repeat the layers twice more. Cook on low for 2 hours, until hot and bubbly.

This recipe fills my 6 quart crock pot to the rim! You may need more or less cheese slices, depending on the shape of your crock pot. If you have a smaller crock pot, make the recipe as directed, and freeze in two 1 gallon freezer bags, for 2 meals. Cook as directed, using half the cheese amount for each of the 2 batches.

This recipe works best with a thin or runny spaghetti sauce. It coats the pasta better that way. And since the pasta isn’t completely cooked, it will absorb some of it too. It was good made with my thick homemade sauce, but it was drier than I would like.

This recipe doesn’t work well to reheat in the crock pot. The pasta will turn to mush.

Nutritional Info:
Per Serving: 779 Calories; 35g Fat (40.6% calories from fat); 37g Protein; 78g Carbohydrate; 6g Dietary Fiber; 100mg Cholesterol; 1223mg Sodium.
Exchanges: 4 Grain (Starch); 3-1/2 Lean Meat; 4 Vegetable; 4-1/2 Fat.